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john has cut my hair for years. always a great job, done by a great guy. thanks
V C3/17/2018

Fantastic service. A great haircut every time!
Dan N2/8/2018

quality haircut, from a professional Barber. Guys like John are becoming harder and harder to find. Precise, clean, and exact, to your specifications. The vacuum clippers are quiet and allow you to just go right on with your day. I look forward to many more haircuts and getting to know John better in the future
Eric S1/23/2018

Very kind and professional. A true Christian establishment!
John S10/28/2017

Took my 5-year-old grandson to get a haircut,. Stadlers did a great job and rewarded him with a sucker. Very nice experience.
James W10/23/2017

I had a good haircut 🙂
Matthew Robert E10/6/2017

Excellent service, excellent environment, and excellent conversation. I always enjoy getting to come and see John.
Dan N8/30/2017